Diabolique Ball 21: Myths & Mysteries



October Tickets – $40

November (until 11/17/17) Tickets – $50

Day of the Ball (11/18/17) Tickets – $60

VIP Lounge (Open Bar 9pm to 11pm with food and private lounge access) Tickets – $100


8PM to 1AM (play ends at Midnight) | SATURDAY NOVEMBER 19TH, 2016
VOYEUR NIGHTCLUB | 1221 St James St., Philadelphia, PA

Diabolique Foundation Mission and Statement of Inclusion







Vonka is a living fetish and a natural bluenette. This dirty Jersey girl has been in the BDSM community for 7 years and doing burlesque for 5 of them. In the kink world, she is a moderator of Conduit Enterprises and NJTNG. As a performer, she is a regular performer with D20 Burlesque in New York and found a second home in Philly earlier this year. Vonka is known as the Goddess of Tits & Wine and plans to one day rule the Earth.


Pilar Salt

Pilar Salt is the creator and co-producer of AGITATED!, a bi-monthly political performance showcase. She is also a regular cast member of The Bare and The Bold and Miss Rose’s Sexploitation Follies.


Sakura Allure

Sakura is known for her cosplay related Drag performances and burlesque acts. Philly based , Maryland transplant . Several craftsmanship , and masquerade awards from major cosplay convention’s is sure to keep you entertained in more ways than one.

Honeytree Evileye

Timaree SchmitHoneyTree EvilEye: she’s not a doll, she’s an action figure. A  first year member of the Diabolique planning committee, she has a particularly productive and slutty case of ADD, co-producing the weekly community burlesque show, Full Front Street, all-politics show Agitated!, all metal grimefest 6SEX6 as well as produce her monthly cavalcade of Sploosh, Honeygasm and a variety of other events like Get You a Girl Who Can Do Both (TEDx talks and burlesque), PandaBitch and the annual Golden Tassel Jawns. She is the founder of Burlesqueadelphia.com, the Philly burlesque events calendar.


Dave Ghoul

Dave Ghoul is returning to DJ Diabolique Ball for its 21st Birthday!
He’s been DJing and producing events for almost 20 years now, and is no stranger to Philly’s alternative and kink scenes. Performing at
numerous events including Asylum 13, Dracula’s Ball, PLEASUREcation, and Vortex Philly, he’s probably best known as the DJ of The Aviary,
co-founder of the Philly Zombie Crawl, and co-producer of Shadowland Lancaster.

Mighty Mike Saga

Mighty Mike SagaMighty Mike Saga makes a comeback to Diabolique just for our 20th Anniversary event! At the wee age of 2 years old Mighty Mike Saga began spinning records on a Play Skool stereophonic hi-fi record player with an Old Radio Shack Mixer to fuse his favorite Sesame Street and Muppet songs together in harmony. Anyways this mild no-mannered Graphic Designer by day and mediocre DJ by night cant make up his mind and hangs out in too many different subcultures and plays too many styles of fun dance music. IT’S DJ MIGHTY MIKE SAGA! ( *fine print: first statement in bio is not accurate or true*)


Titano Strongman 

The 8th Wonder of the World! Titano is a world-record holder, title competitor and theatrical performer specializing in “Feats of Strength”, not seen since The Golden Era of Circus Sideshow; to modern marvels of strength, never before seen by the human eye! Witness Titano Strongman perform strange, bizarre and mind-blowing acts that will amaze, entice and titillate the senses!” Sure to blissfully haunt memories for years to come! Titano has been featured on Americas got Talent, Oddities, National Geographic, various magazines including several tattoo magazines and Weird New Jersey.


BabyLove’s Latex

Baby Loves Latex
Sleek style ranges from traditional couture to boundary pushing designs that challenge and reinterpret previously concepts of fashion.

Delicious Boutique

Delicious BoutiqueRockstar clothing and accessories for women and men! Don’t just dream it… wear it and be it! Bring out your inner rockstar!

Passional Boutique

Passional Boutique offers leather, latex, killer corsets, clubwear, kilts for men and women.


Coveilance Dance Project

Coveilance Dance Project is a group of mad scientist bellydancers who combine music, costumes, and other dance forms to create hypnotic and sensual experimental dances


*All Play Stations will benefit TransFaith


Sara without an H


Miss Liberty Rose



Photo Play Photography

Photo Play Photography is honored to return to Diabolique Ball as its Charity Portrait Photographer.  Half of all portrait proceeds will benefit the official Diabolique Ball charity recipients.

Lead by Sir_Q, Photo Play Photography has served the alternative lifestyle community as official event photographer since 2008, supporting events such as Diabolique Ball, Libertine Ball, The Floating World, Wicked Renn Faire, NDDS Boot Camp, GKE, FSG Beltane, Brimstone, and Black Phoenix.

Photo Play Photography is a proud Supporting Member of NCSF, working to preserve our rights for alternative sexual and relationship expressions.


Artisan Oddfellow by Titano




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